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Q. What should we wear?!

A. Something you love! If you love to get dressed up, go for it! If your kids and/or husband hate to get dressed up...please think about how comfortable they'll be if they're forced to wear "fancy" clothes. As a general rule, comfortable kids will be more agreeable (read: more likely to smile and be their truest, cutest selves). You'll get some specific direction in your Welcome Guide once you book your session.

Q. What if my kids don't want to sit still?

A. Then we'll let them move! My style is relatively relaxed and my favorite images are authentic images. How long do most kids sit quietly waiting for a grown-up to tell them when they can move? Unless they're playing simon says, not long! And that's fine! I'd rather catch a profile of a child laughing than a "perfectly" posed but forced smile. 

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