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Hi - I'm Donna!

...a few fun facts about me...

I'm a night owl - no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to call it a night before midnight....

I was an extra in the movie Dead Poets Society - it was filmed near my college, and

my roommates and I are in the audience of the Shakespeare performance...ask me about Robin Williams'

improv performance for the extras on set!

One of my college roommates had a brother, and I married him...

after dating a few years, taking a 6-year break, then meeting up again in our late 20s...

That brother took me skydiving and I almost jumped without the rip cord! The instructor pulled me back from the edge of the plane to fix it...and I still jumped - I honestly don't know what I was thinking!

Ok  - so let's talk about why you're really here! If you're considering hiring a professional photographer, it's probably for reasons similar to why I'm in this business myself.  Capturing moments in time is obviously important to me, and has been ever since I got my Kodak 110 back in the 1970s (if you're anywhere near my age you might remember that Kodak Christmas commercial... the package under the tree with a note that said, "Open me first"...that happened to me! And I haven't stopped taking pictures ever since!) I could spend hours reminiscing over old photo albums of mine or my parents'. I'd love to provide you and your family with the same gift!

I love so many different types of photography, and the common thread for me is simple:  

catching life as it is in a given moment.

Sometimes it's because you'll be able to go to that monument I photographed - even if it's twenty years from now - and see exactly what I saw when I was there. And other times it's because you CAN'T see the same thing twenty years from now; or even twenty days from when a newborn baby changes more quickly and dramatically than a new parent could ever imagine.


Photographs become our memories.

It's my absolute joy and passion to document life and preserve memories.

Let's talk about how I can do that for you!

Contact Me by email, phone, or the form below:

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